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Our services are well beyond your conventional expectations of CNC machining. We utilize the latest advancements in machine tool technology. We welcome your challenge!

We accommodate a wide range of quantities that range from single piece prototyping to mid volume production and we utilize CAD/CAM software for easy file transfer.

Design, Engineering and Prototyping

We work with our clients to develop and refine design drawings. Once contracted, Radison secures your approval in preparation for fabrication.

  • Creative Design
  • 3D Modelling
  • Effective Prototyping
  • Full-scale Production
Fabrication and Machining

When it comes to fabrication and machining of your product, our goal each time is to exceed your expectations far beyond that of a typical CNC machining provider.

From simple industrial applications to demanding high-end audio applications requiring intricate machining, impeccable finishing, high speed engraving etc., we have you covered. These processes are done in-house resulting in consistent high quality product.

Our facility is up to date with the latest advancements in machine technology. We accommodate a wide range of quantities ranging from prototyping to mid volume production and utilize the latest engineering software.

  • Crisp edges
  • Precise Fit
  • Consistent quality
  • Innovative solutions

For clients in high-end audio and retail, we provide engraving services for their products.

  • Finest Detail; meets the highest demands
  • Consistent Quality
  • We give you the 'edge'

We are known throughout the industry for our attention to aesthetic detail. We satisfy the demand of our customers with the beauty of their final product.

The right finish showcases and protects the aluminum product and enhances the aesthetic appeal. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen allow us offer a wide range of finishes.

We work closely with our clients to match the appropriate texture to the application from brushing to beadblasting. We are always willing to produce samples of our client’s work for their approval of the finish.


As a one-stop shop, we offer our clients in the audio, lighting and retail industry anodizing services to enhance their product.

We provide two forms of finishing: anodizing and chromate conversion. These processes enhance the look of the products we manufacture and finish.

  • Caustic Etch, Bright Dip, Acid Etch
  • Colour Consistency and High Quality
  • Bright and Satin Anodizing Finishes
Silk Screening

For many of our fully finished front panels, enclosures and electronic equipment we offer silk screening.

The latest in screen preparation technology is utilized, as well as durable epoxy based inks, ensuring high resolution and quality finish.